Amr Diab will have his own TV series in Ramadan 2010. "Good News" is the production company for this TV series and Sherif Arafa is the director. Stay tuned for more updates.

We will announce shortly the time of launch of Amr Diab Academy. Fans all over the world, you can all submit your applications very soon exclusively on
Make your dream come true with Amr Diab Academy
Watch this exclusive video from Marina 2009 "Amr talking about the Academy".

Amr will perform soon in London during the African Music Awards ceremonies on October 17. Amr has won several awards in different categories this year. More information and exclusive Videos and photos will be always here @

Amr has been nominated by the [Africa Music Awards management] to receive 4 awards (Song of the year, Artist of the year, Best male act and Music video of the year). The door is opened from 3 hours for the fans votes and Amr is leading the nominations in the four nominations. Keep voting HERE and give Troxy, London the chance to host another successful event in Amr's career.

Amr finished the last touches on his new music video (Baadem Alby) from his latest album - Wayah. We will announce the airing date later.

Kartaj (Tunis) was the first station for Amr's middle east tour. Kartaj witnessed another successful event for Amr. He sang for more than 2 hours with thousands of talented fans. More concerts dates will be on Amr's schedule soon.

As usual, Amr made one of the most successful concerts ever in the middle east. More than 80,000 fans were there. Singing, dancing and celebrating the unique success of "Wayah". The concert will be aired on TV, more details to be updated soon. Have a look on this amazing video from Marina 2009.

Amr Diab Academy (The talented discovery show) is coming soon.
See this exclusive video from Marina 2009 "Amr talking about the Academy".
Stay tune for more exclusives on

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